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We are a global network of hosts and travelers who love black culture and seek to live authentic and unforgettable experiences in our travels. We are the links of a community that now has a new connection that brings us closer to our history, our essence, and our wealth.

Our hosts offer accommodation in over 60 cities in 12 countries. For us, the search for accommodation is not restricted to a physical space. It is about finding spaces of belonging, the possibility of recognizing values, and having respected their culture and their identity – to be welcomed. Each link in this community is a bridge that brings us closer to the best of black culture: services, establishments, and cultural initiatives that share the purpose of enhancing the memory of the black population in each city. is a resident startup of the accelerating Hack Station, promoted by Facebook and Artemísia, the main supporter of business of social impact of the Country. Our company also has mentoring from AbeLLha and Pollen – Unisuam, as well as passed by #Labora, from the Oi Futuro Institute in partnership with Yunus Social Business. The history of the African diaspora is the story of the people and their journeys of search and fulfillment. The trajectory of our network is like a web of these stories; such as links found in the Rio de Janeiro, in 2016, to materialize a vision of our CEO, Carlos Humberto Silva.