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How it works

To open our home to you is like opening our private world. This meeting is the reason our network to exists! We approach travelers and hosts with a common purpose; to build genuine bonds of identity and belonging. This strengthening starts indoors, in our doors, starting with us. That´s why we are in several cities. Only those who live on this movement value understanding of how a house can be a great resource and a place in which you can feel welcome and well-being. We connect people: when you join Diaspora.Black, you are a part of a global community that seeks in its travels and journeys particular experiences that are centered on strengthening values, connections, and memories to black culture. You can register as a visitor or host. Your profile and personal goals are what matter here and what makes the difference. Registration is simple and user friendly- in just six steps you are already part of the network and can receive visitors! All reservations are made within the platform and the payment is made the moment you the moment you confirm your stay. Payment is made through Paypal. Diaspora.Black charges a 10% fee for the intermediation of negotiations. See our Terms and Conditions of Use for more information about payment. If you have any questions, access our FAQ or write to [email protected] or by social networks. We will always be at your side in your journeys!

We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination

Diaspora.Black does not intend to register and does not tolerate any form of discrimination by gender, sexual orientation, or origin. We are committed to respect and have a safe environment to all users. Our terms are clear as to punishment in case of denunciations.

Fill out all of your profile and do not forget to add photos!

You can use your Facebook account to join us and chat directly with other users, such as hosts and guests. This eill help you better understand how exchange opportunities and cultural activites work in each city.

Complete the registration and do your best on taking the photos!

Be clear on availability, location, and contact information and you will find a guest with a profile close to the experiences you are looking for! You can also establish rules of coexistence and offer additional services. Don´t forget to do your best in the photos!

Check your mailbox regularly and update your calendar.

The secret of a genuine encounter is the authenticity of people! Be transparent and begin by defining the conditions of accommodation. Then, ask questions and prepare the house for your guest. Do not forget the copy of your keys and the wi-fi password to guarantee the comfort of your visit!