Redefinir Senha

Alicia Sanabria

Salvador english spanish portuguese some french

Born in Cuba lived in Madrid, Spain raised in New York, NY, USA long time Salvador Bahia resident gypsy soul/world traveler Psychologist African matrix cultural consultant Alicia Spiritual Travel Club custom tours DIASPORA.BLACK guests (fee) Candomblecista REIKI MASTER —-schedule your Reiki session or Reiki Initiation with me while you are in Salvador Unlimited Wellness Therapist including Family Constellation Life Coach Interests: peace, humanitarianism, equality, travel, music, dancing, people, African culture, healing, human rights, spiritual practice, cultural activities, museums, photography, arts, meeting people and experiencing new places and cultures, diversity, adventure, nature, beach, laughter, play Philosophy LIVING MY DREAMS LIVING, LOVING, LAUGHING Teach, Learn, Share: Pan Africanism Africanaist African Matrix spiritual practices: Candomble, Ifa shamanism Reiki Master Life Coach