Redefinir Senha


Kayla Lauren

Sao Paulo English (Inglês)

Afro-Caribbean-Canadian dancer, teacher, traveler and lover of Samba originally from Toronto who has relocated to Brazil to completely immerse myself in the culture. During my time in Brazil, I’ve had the opportunity to live a lifestyle that has afforded me a unique and authentic perspective of Brazil and its vibrant musical and dance cultures as well as learn from the highest authorities on the culture. Going in the heart of the communities where Samba lives and breathes, building relationships with the people behind them and the scholars studying them, I’ve learned the language and true spirit of Samba. My experiences have enriched my dance and teaching in a way only living here could do. Aside from my participation in Samba schools and culture, I enjoy other facets of Brazil’s culture such as local film, theatre, gastronomy and nature!