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Learn the History and Dance of Samba!



Learn the History and Dance of Samba with Carnival Musa Kayla Lauren! – Dance class and history lesson

A 90 minute introductory class to the history and dance moves of Samba no Pé with a dancer and teacher who has danced in the Sambadromes of Rio and Sao Paulo and learned alongside the most iconic and renowned choreographers, master teachers and queens of carnival in Brazil. This class will introduce you to the rich and intriguing history and culture of Samba dance and music and by the end you’ll be able to recognize the varieties of Samba and join in the dancing the next time you hear it!

Available Saturdays and Sundays 11AM-12:30PM Brasilia Time (BRT) and 1PM-2:30PM Brasilia Time (BRT) or by request.

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