The pandemic has caused irreversible effects on Brazilian society, especially the deepening of social inequalities that mainly affect the black population. This situation threatens the cycle of economic development and cultural valorisation and the entire agenda of confronting structural racism.  The "Yes, I can too!" campaign aims to support the Afro-Brazilian resistance in the face of the economic crisis, with the allocation of investments to support Afro-entrepreneurs, touristic professionals guides, educators, intellectuals, and other partners who work with the valorisation of Afro-Brazilian culture at Diaspora.Black platform. The initiative is an international action to mobilise supporters in different European countries, in the USA and Asia, through crowdfunding campaigns developed by local partner agents.
Our purpose is to value and promote Afro culture for all people: black and non-black people who want to know our culture and add to the anti-racist cause. You can too!  You can join music, dance, literature or yoga workshops. You can learn about Afro-Brazilian history and political and social movements. You can experience authentic dining experiences, touristic and cultural itineraries about the legacy of black culture around the globe!  Promoting these experiences is the reason why Diaspora.Black exists. These experiences are available at the platform hosted by entrepreneurs, tourism professionals, leaders, and cultural agitators, who have had their activities almost stalled since 2020. 
The initiative is an excellent opportunity to be part of a global network of Afro-culture with representative inclusion, without the common stigmatisation of black history and identity in the world. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our network! By contributing to the campaign, you'll be able to join these unique experiences! And you will also have special discounts and access to exclusive activities. Moreover, you will be able to meet entrepreneurs and workshops hosts. Here are some simple steps you can take to support the economic strengthening, and cultural resistance with Diaspora.Black's platform. Make a direct contribution to the campaign through our crowdfunding; Sharing in your social media the activities available on our platform; Purchasing courses, online activities, or tourism products for you or gift; Inviting tour establishments to receive our specialized training or advertise on the Diaspora.Black platform.


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